Monað modes lust mæla gehƿylce ferð to feran.

La femme la plus riche du Yorkshire - Fouad Laroui This book must surely be the only intersection between the sets ‘Moroccan literature’ and ‘books about Yorkshire’. It's not bad – a Moroccan academic working in York decides to turn ethnologist and study the local inhabitants, including the rather unpleasant title character, Cordelia, who introduces herself as the richest woman in Yorkshire. The author's view of the locals in Yorkshire is not a very sympathetic one, it has to be said, and for me there wasn't really a hugely compelling story here either. However, the writing style is witty and playful, and there's a certain interest in seeing how Yorkshire comes across through foreign eyes (basically: not well). There are more interesting Moroccan writers, and better books about Yorkshire, but this is probably the only one in both camps.

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